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Our Margarita mix is very popular. We get it from a local, family-owned business that has served over 5 million drinks in the Bay Area alone.  It’s darn fine—if we do say so ourselves—especially when mixed with a good tequila!

No, and no. You must purchase the alcohol yourself.  We provide a product that mixes well with tequila, rum or whatever liquor you choose.  We recommend you purchase brands you enjoy.

Rule of thumb: 2/3 of the people will have at least one drink per hour. Three gallons of finished product (mix, alcohol, water, etc.) will make about sixty 8-oz servings, or forty-two 12-oz servings. 

We sell mix in ½ gallon concentrates, which are then combined with water and alcohol, with just plain water, or in the case of our coffee drinks, with milk. Each bottle of concentrate results in about 3 gallons of finished drink. That’s why we say that costs are about $5 per half gallon of finished product. This is a complex mathematical issue, so pay attention: We sell the ½ gallon mix for $25 and $35 a bottle… not $5 a bottle. The mathematical calculation is per finished product. We’re not trying to be misleading, but rather helpful in that we’re providing you with a way of estimating your costs per drink.

Generally we’ll let you pick up on a Friday and return on Monday morning. During high-demand times like holidays, however, rentals are from 10am to 10am for one day use. NOTE: We rent Chocolate Fountains in 2-3 hr. blocks. 

We’re usually open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday. If you need to pickup or return a machine outside of these times, talk to us about it—sometimes we can make special arrangements to accommodate you.